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February 8, 2011 / dlitgroup

January 2011 DLIT Faculty Team Update

In an effort to inform our community and to keep in touch with our ISIS colleagues, we’re going to post a monthly update here. Let’s start by answering a few questions:

1. What should your ISIS colleagues know about your work over the past month?

We have a new team! Our faculty facilitators include Bill Faber, Luann Keizer, Lisa Gloege, Tim Koets, Diane Sparks and Garry Brand. Find out more about them on our DLIT website. We’re quickly forming, storming and norming. We have met with the Director of DLIT to provide input into the departmental plan. In an effort to maximize our talents, we’ve adopted a “Evangelist and Liaison” model.


  • Maximize DLIT Memberships to SLOAN, ITC, New Media (Eric)
  • TLT Showcase Planning (Bill, Garry, Diane)
  • Instructional Technology Budget Planning (Flip Video, Microphones, etc.) (Eric, Garry)
  • Xythos Drive Pilot Coordination (Garry)
  • Online/Hybrid Faculty Advanced Training, Advisory, Advancement, Quality, etc. (Garry, Lisa)
  • Camtasia Relay (Bill, Tim, Lisa)
  • Wimba Pronto (Luann, Kellie Roblins)
  • Wimba Voice Tools (Bill)
  • Starfish Early Alert (Lisa)
  • Blackboard Mobile (Luann)
  • NBC Content (Diane)
  • SafeAssignment (Bill)
  • Use of Groups (Luann)


  • New Faculty Institute (Bill)
  • Learning Days (Diane)
  • Adjuncts (Diane)
  • Departments
    • Computer Applications (Luann, Tim)
    • Business (Garry)
    • Physical Science (Bill)
    • Social Science (Lisa)
    • Other Areas (All)

This is mostly an internal effort to organize our work and we’re all willing to help with (and promote) the effective use of instructional technologies!

2. What has worked well?

It has really helped to have the additional faculty support. E-mails sent to are forwarded to a shared folder and everyone is sent a copy of the confirmation. Our YouTube tutorials and tip sheets (links available on the DLIT website) are a great resource. Our thanks to the “voice of DLIT” (Bill Faber) and our student worker (Isaac) for putting most of them together.

3. What has not worked?

Our team is working hard to facilitate faculty professional development in the areas of distance learning and instructional technologies. However, a majority of the requests we receive are for technical support. Faculty encounter errors with Blackboard, browsers, laptops, etc and need immediate assistance. The Help Desk simply doesn’t have the ability or access to troubleshoot errors in Blackboard. 

4. What problems/issues are you encountering?

We need a dedicated, full-time Blackboard support person to solve and track technical issues.

5. In what ways could your ISIS colleagues help you?

We’re interested in hearing and sharing stories about the effective use of instructional technologies!

6. Please share your stories, observations, experiences, learning.

We use this blog to share. Here are some recent posts –

We would also like to share a success story! This semester, we launched the online version of our Blackboard Basics training. Bill Faber reports the offerings have been successful. He’s now working on the online version of our Grade Center training.


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