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January 31, 2011 / dlitgroup

Fall 2010 – Semester Summary

DLIT Fall 2010 – Work in Review

As the Winter semester is now in full swing, a review of the Fall semester provides a good overview of the areas that Distance Learning and Instructional  Technologies supported.

  • DLIT responded to more than 1,272 faculty requests for help with Blackboard and other instructional technologies.
  • 16 faculty were trained and certified to teach online.
  • 67 tip sheets for how to use technologies such as Blackboard were created.
  • 54 Blackboard video tutorials were created and posted to YouTube.
  • 17 training sessions were delivered through the Center for Teaching Excellence.
  • Without doubt, the majority of time spent by the staff in DLIT has been and continues to be to provide direct faculty assistance with technology in and out of the classroom.  Supporting faculty and their use of technologies is of utmost priority and concern in order to ensure quality, provide a return on investment, create awareness, and to inform and enhance overall teaching practice to transform the campus and create a next generation of teaching and learning.
  • The goal moving forward will be to work to acquire dedicated and full-time staffing and support.  This will enable DLIT to be more proactive rather than reactive.  This will allow time to intentionally plan, be purposeful, strategize, implement, and coordinate the central work of DLIT to provide transformative change.

End of the Semester Highlights for Fall 2010

  • December 9 – Eric Kunnen delivered an online Webinar (reviewing GRCC’s use of Wimab Pronto) to 500 registered participants for the “Distinguished Lecture Series Webinar- Building Campus Community and Conducting Staff Training with Pronto” for Bb Collaborate. Here are the Webinar details:
    • “Distinguished Lecture Series Webinar- Building Campus Community and Conducting Staff Training with Pronto”
      • Learn how two schools have used Pronto for years to instantly connect classmates, IT departments, and staff across dispersed campuses, creating a sense of community that otherwise would be impossible to replicate online.
      • Register:
      • “Wimba Pronto is an exciting tool because it lets students connect in an instant way. With Pronto, students connect better with each other and with their instructors.” – Eric Kunnen, Coordinator of Instructor Technologies, Grand Rapids Community College
      • While neither Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) nor Holmes Community College (CC) are primarily residential campuses, that doesn’t stop them from facilitating the informal chat and social exchanges that are so vital to learning. With a student population comprised mainly of working adults, the schools wanted to foster a sense of community for students who are rarely on campus.
      • With Wimba Pronto, both community colleges not only enabled students to instantly connect with each other and their instructors for virtual advising, but also expanded Pronto into a variety of other areas, including IT help desk and staff IT training, saving valuable time.
      • Join Eric Kunnen from GRCC and Jenny Jones of Holmes CC to hear their first-hand accounts.  
  • December 13 – The DL CAP Team held a meeting and discussed the need for a Business Plan and to review Institutional Strategy around the CAP. [Linked to DL CAP]
  • December 14 – Eric Kunnen delivered a presentation to AGC on the DL CAP. [Linked to DL CAP]
  • December 22 – April Zimmerman visited GRCC from Alamo Community College System / Palo Alto College.  We talked about supporting faculty, increasing online course offerings, as well as online course quality. [Linked to DL CAP]

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