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October 21, 2010 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – October 22

The following updates are from the DLIT department for the week ending October 15th.

  • Faculty Tickets – DLIT responded to 87 faculty requests since the last report.  Effectively supporting faculty is continuing to be an issue.  The DLIT department is not staffed as a real-time faculty help desk and faculty expectations include being able to call someone to get immediate help. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform and DL CAP]
  • NBC Learn GRCC Press Release – GRCC’s use of NBC video resources was highlighted in a GRCC Press Release. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform and DL CAP]
  • XID Building Block – Szymon Machajewski has written a Building Block that provides an easy way to determine.  We have received good feedback from the community and within Bb Inc. as to the value of this tool.  This XID Building Block is now available on Blackboard’s extension website.
  • OHCC Orientation – This week, the Online and Hybrid Certification Course Fall 2010 cohort of 20 faculty begins.  The following faculty are participating: [Linked to the DL CAP]
    • Amie Anderson – Physical Science
    • Christina Barland Edmondson – Psycology
    • Janine Blakeslee – Nursing
    • Robert Bloye – Math
    • Mary Bradley – English
    • Bethany DeBlaay – Wellness
    • Carrie Howard – English
    • Marne Johnson – Language and Thought
    • Mary Johnson – Library
    • Patrick Kamau – Counseling
    • Jodi Kuyt – Wellness
    • Chad Lodenstein – Auto
    • Tom Mulder – English
    • Kevin Mulvihill – English
    • Nora Neill – English
    • Sarah Rose – Counseling
    • Jean Schumacher – Radiology Tech
    • Robin Selmon – Business
    • Michael Whitman – Culinary
    • John Wittkowski – Criminal Justice
  • Bb Basics – A Blackboard Basics session was offered and 16 faculty participated in the session. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform and DL CAP]
  • Bb Mashups – A Blackboard Mashup training session was held with 6 faculty participants. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform]
  • Wimba Voice Tools Renewel – Wimba Voice Tools which provides “audio-everywhere” in Blackboard will be renewed. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform and DL CAP]
  • Bb Downtime Dates – A scanning of other colleges on the ASU listserv shows that many colleges upgrade and apply patches on the weekends. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform]
  • Webinar – Attended a Webinar on Facilitating Social Interactions: Measuring Engagement and Promoting Academic Success within the LMS The Learning Management System is evolving rapidly, becoming a more flexible and interactive part of the classroom. As that happens, how can you better integrate the LMS into the campus classroom? How can you measure and analyse student participation in the social and collaborative technologies that are becoming part of a good LMS? Technologies already exist to collect basic data on student participation and interactions; the focus now is collecting more comprehensive data about online behavior in the classroom, then using the data effectively. The LMS of the future will help collect data, then produce sophisticated analysis and reports on-demand. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform]
  • Bb Guest Access Fix – Szymon Machajewski applied a fix received from Bb Support to address an issue with excessive guest connections.  This patch was tested first on the Bb test server and applied to production on Wednesday. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform]
  • myGRCC – Work on brainstorming how best to integrate Blackboard into the new GRCC Website and better leveraging Blackboard as the campus portal.
  • DL Courses Approved by DEANS – The following courses were approved for online delivery by Deans Council. [Linked to the DL CAP]
    • AR 106 (Request submitted by Charlotte Pease with Department Head David Dye)
    • BA 133 (Request submitted by Debbie Potter with Department Head Glen Gelderloos)
    • CO 255 (Request submitted by Szymon Machajewski with Department Head Ron Higgins)
  • DL Data Cleanup – The spreadsheets that contain approved online course and instructors were cleaned up.  Here are some key data points. [Linked to the DL CAP]
    • 135 courses have been approved to be delivered online.
    • 7 courses are set to be approved through Deans council in future meetings. Among them are:
      • MU 173 (Request submitted on 9/29 by Tim Heldt with Department Head Kevin Dobreff)
      • CLS 110 (Request submitted on 10/1 by Cathy Green with Department Head John Cowles)
      • CJ 105 (Request submitted on 10/15 by Nikki Banks with Department Head George Zeeff)
      • MU 236 (Request submitted by Debora Dewitt with Department Head Kevin Dobreff)
      • CLS 111 (Request submitted by Tore Skogseth with Department Head Fred Zomer)
      • CJ 245 (Request submitted by Janis Willis with Department Head George Zeeff)
      • CJ 246  (Request submitted by Janis Willis with Department Head George Zeeff)
    • 22 courses have been approved by Deans Council but have not yet developed or offered online.
    • 11 courses are offered online, however, no records have been found on the approval.
    • GRCC currently has 236 certified OHCC faculty.
    • 41 faculty have signed up for training in the past but have not completed the certification.
    • 20 faculty are currently enrolled in OHCC certification for Fall 2010.
  • OHCC Email Invitation – An all faculty email was sent to promote the upcoming OHCC training courses.  This email quickly filled up the January session and another session is being considered for next Winter. The email narrative is listed below: [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform and DL CAP]

Dear Professor,

Are you interested in participating in the next generation of learning by teaching online here at GRCC?

Online courses are delivered through the college’s enterprise course management system (Blackboard) and there are currently over 4,000 students enrolled in online courses for this Fall.  (This is nearly a 40% growth over last year in enrollment.)

If you would like to become certified, the 5 week OHCC course is offered through the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE).  This course provides the instructor certification needed through helping you to prepare, design, and teach your first online course and in fact, more than 240 faculty have already been certified to teach online here at GRCC.  More about the OHCC course is available here:

Our current certification for Fall 2010 is underway and filled to capacity and our next offering (Winter semester) starts January 14.  To sign up, please see the CTE registration page (which also includes a wide array of Blackboard trainings offered) at:

  • Starfish Early Alert Conference Call – DLIT participated in a conference call with John Cowles and Starfish Inc. to review the current pilot of using the system for AFP and online courses.  The system has had favorable use and the current plan is to rollout the system to the rest of the campus next semester. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform and DL CAP]
  • YouTube Wimba Voice Tools Tutorial – A video tutorial was created which provides faculty with an overview of how to use the Wimba Voice Tools features in Blackboard. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform]
  • Wimba Platinum Customer Circle & Advisory Board Member Webinar – DLIT participated in a webinar that provided information and a roadmap for “Blackboard Collaborate” which is a unit within Blackboard that was created after Bb purchased both Elluminate and Wimba. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform]
  • Invitation to EDUCAUSE Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning – Eric Kunnen was appointed to the Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee for EDUCAUSE.  This is a 2 year term.  This will be an outstanding opportunity to become more deeply involved with EDUCAUSE to provide value through new relationships and an extended understanding of the issues facing GRCC and academia at large. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform and DL CAP]
  • ETOM Conference – The DLIT staff will have the opportunity to attend the ETOM Fall Conference.  This conference is for faculty, staff and administrators to join colleagues across the state for a wonderful opportunity to learn, network and share. This year’s conference will highlight some of the exciting teaching and learning experiences achieved by Michigan faculty and staff. There will be ample opportunity to network and share with others.  The keynote will be provided by Maria Anderson from MCC: [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform and DL CAP]

Maria AndersenKeynote Presentation by Maria Anderson, Mathematics Professor at Muskegon Community College on “Levers of Change in Higher Education”. We’ve seen many major industries undergo dramatic change in the last decade (i.e. manufacturing, newspapers, and customer service). While education seems “untouchable” to those within the system, there are many “levers of change” that have the potential for dramatic restructuring of higher education as well. Online courses, adaptive computer assessment systems, open-source textbooks, edupunks, pay-by-the-month degrees, … these are just some of the levers that are prying at the corners of higher education. In this presentation Maria will identify many of the levers of change that have the potential to shift higher education, resources to learn more about these, and a few scenarios that describe some of the possible futures of higher education.


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