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October 7, 2010 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – October 8th

The following updates are from the DLIT department for the week ending October 8th:

  • Faculty Support Tickets – DLIT responded to more than 60 requests for support by faculty throughout the week. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform and DL CAP]
  • Blackboard Test Server – DLIT is still waiting for a test server to begin evaluating Service Pack 2.  This request has been in wait state since September 10th and the 16th of September was the date we shut down the pilot system. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform]
  • Seattle Pacific University Visit – Eric Kunnen had the opportunity to visit SPU to discuss Blackboard, online course development, and resources.  SPU has a staff of 4 in their instructional technology office.  The team is comprised of a director, assistance director/blackboard support, graphic and web designer, and video production engineer. Here is a photo of Eric with David Wicks who is the Director of the Instructional Technology Services department: [Linked to DL CAP]
  • Blackboard RaiderCard Issues – Guest deposits online are not being processed correctly.  Blackboard support has been contacted. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform]
  • Blackboard Building Block for XID – Szymon Machajewski created a Building Block that provides an easy way to look up the complete path for an XID URL in the Blackboard Content System. This tool has been extremely useful in troubleshooting content permission errors that have been reported by students and faculty. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform]
  • Online Class Registration – Eric Kunnen, Ric Underhile, Nanci Guigue, and Misty McClure met to discuss AGC and campus policy regarding enrollment for online and face to face courses.  Current policy states that students may register for a class, including online for the first 2 days of the semester.  On the 3rd day, students will not be able to register for an online class.  Need to state this as effective policy and bring closure. [Linked to DL CAP]
  • GRCC Building Block Open Source Day – GRCC will be hosting a Building Block Open Source Day.  A date has yet to be set.  The goal of this meeting is to bring together the Blackboard open source community for sharing, connecting, and to collaborate on common goals and needs. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform]
  • MCCVLC Ronda Edwards Visit – Ronda visited campus this week as she was here sharing with the chief academic officers and provosts on campus about the resources that the MCCVLC provides.  She will also be sharing planning templates/documents that may be valuable for creating a robust distance learning plan for the DL CAP. [Linked to DL CAP]
  • Blackboard and DL Research – Frank Conner stopped in for discussion about the research project for next semester.  The goal of this research is to evaluate determining success factors and characteristics of students in online classes. [Linked to DL CAP]
  • NBC Learn & Bb Press Release – Eric Kunnen worked with Vicki Hudson to finalize a draft on the NBC LEARN video solution that is integrated with Blackboard. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform and DL CAP]
  • Deans Update for DL CAP – Eric Kunnen provided an update at the academic deans work session on the DL CAP. [Linked to DL CAP]
  • Blackboard LoginAs Building Block – Szymon Machajewski was notified that the Blackboard Building Block that he developed and shared with the Blackboard community is being used by more than 100 Maricopa help desk staff.  This is an amazing number of users of a solution that was also needed here at GRCC but was also shared with the Bb community.
  • Bb Student Tip Sheets – CTE and DLIT student workers created a set of student tip sheets for Blackboard.  These were forwarded to the student technology and ithelp desks. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform]
  • Planning Executive Bb Visit – Eric Kunnen and Nick LaRusso discussed dates and topics for an executive level Blackboard meeting to be held here at GRCC. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform and DL CAP]
  • Wimba Pronto Session – The CTE session on Wimba Pronto was to be held on Wednesday, however, there were no registrations for this event.  Promotion and awareness of these events needs to be reviewed to ensure faculty are aware of sessions. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform and DL CAP]
  • Greenville Technical College DL Sharing – DLIT is beginning a conversation with Greenville Tech as they are also looking to setup new policies and procedures for distance learning. [Linked to DL CAP]
  • Xythos Drive Pilot – The pilot for Xythos Drive needs project coordination.  The next stage is to identify potential faculty to be included in the pilot.  [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform and DL CAP]

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