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September 30, 2010 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – October 1st

The following updates are from the DLIT department for the week ending October 1st:

  • Faculty Tickets – DLIT has supported over 33 requests for support with Blackboard since Monday.  The majority of these requests dealt with the Grade Center and many were related to error messages and troubleshooting rather than training focus.  Here is a tab cloud of the topics:
  • Camtasia Relay – A session was offered on the college’s lecture capture session through the CTE. No faculty signed up.
  • Set up Xythos Drive Organization – A Bb organization site was setup to help track the Xythos Drive Pilot.
  • Planning a Bb Executive Meeting – This Fall, a meeting will be setup with Bb executives to have high level discussions with Blackboard.  We are attempting to coordinate a time that works for the CIO, Provost, ISIS, and CTE.
  • Test GroupLink – DLIT is investigating the use of GroupLink which will replace Parature for ticketing.  The system will be reviewed to replace the current “Groupwise Shared Folder” model of supporting faculty email requests for Blackboard assistance and other technology training support.
  • Bb Downtime – Tuesday, 28th, emergency maintenance to Bb database at 10PM occurred.
  • Bb Raidercast Mashup – Szymon Machajewski worked to develop integration between Blackboard and Camtasia Relay.  This provides a very effective way for faculty to embed a Relay recording into Blackboard.  Szymon scoped, developed, and created this Blackboard Building Block.  His work on providing customizations to Blackboard is exemplary.  This provides a toolset within Bb that is effortless and indispensible. Here is a screen shot of what the tool looks like:
  • Bb Community Engagement – An online coordinator, and English teacher at a Crowder Community College in Missouri requested use of some of our videos on Blackboard 9 from our GRCC YouTube site.
  • New Online Course Approvals – DLIT set up New Course Approvals for an upcoming Deans Council meeting:
    • Fiona Hert / Mike Kiss – AR 106 (Request submitted by Charlotte Pease with Department Head David Dye)
    • Laurie Chesley / Mike Vargo – MU 236 (Request submitted by Debora Dewitt with Department Head Kevin Dobreff)
    • John Cowles / Fred Zomer – CLS 111 (Request submitted by Tore Skogseth with Department Head Fred Zomer)
    • Fiona Hert / Amy Koning – BA 133 (Request submitted by Debbie Potter with Department Head Glen Gelderloos) – CO 255 (Request submitted by Szymon Machajewski with Department Head Ron Higgins)
    • Fiona Hert / Paula Sullivan – CJ 245 (Request submitted by Janis Willis with Department Head George Zeeff) – CJ 246 (Request submitted by Janis Willis with Department Head George Zeeff)
  • Test system for Bb Learn – A full staging copy; limited development copy; minimal demo copy was setup by IT.  This model will be an effective way to test service packs, new releases, and pilots.  The first system to be setup will be the test system to begin testing Service Pack 2 of 9.1.
  • IT meeting – Eric Kunnen me with the IT team to review next steps for our Blackboard and instructional technology work throughout the year.
  • Camtasia Relay – A test system will be created to test the upgrade to 2.0 as the upgrade has been approved. Peggy is writing a project plan.
  • Bb Load balancer – The load balancer for application delivery for Bb Learn was discussed.  A known issue in the ACE was resolved. We can schedule getting Bb on the ACE. Other options which may allow for accurate access logs and application firewall will be discussed later.
  • Respondus and Relay Tutorials – Bill Faber created a series of tutorials for Respondus and Relay.  These have been added to GRCC’s YouTube site.

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