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September 3, 2010 / dlitgroup

Weekly Updates – September 3

The following updates are from the week ending September 3rd:

  • DLIT Drop In Sessions – Last Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of this week faculty drop-ins were held. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • Faculty Support – Over 225 faculty phone calls, email, and drop-in support requests were handled.  The majority of requests were on the topic of Blackboard. The following chart highlights the faculty support tickets entered for the past 5 weeks: [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • Blackboard Mobile Learn – The Blackboard Mobile Learn feature was added to production.  This allows students and faculty to access Bb from iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry devices. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • Bb9 Pilot Backup Packages – Courses from the Bb9 Pilot server were archived and saved. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • Bb Photo Roster Button for Printing Added – At the beginning of the week, we received several faculty requests for the ability to print the student photo roster. Szymon Machajewski added this feature to GRCC’s custom photo roster Building Block. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • Starfish Early Alert – The semester began for online and AFP courses in Blackboard.  Online courses will have automatic flags raised on students that do not login to their course within 7 days.  In addition, gradebook totals that fall below 70% will be flagged. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP and DL CAP]
  • Bb Database Lock & Performance Errors – On Monday, around 1:30PM there was a database lock that caused Bb to be down.  In addition, at around 10PM, Blackboard performance was poor due to a significantly large number of sessions. Both items were responded to by IT.  Szymon Machajewski did an excellent job of tracking the situation and responding effectively.
  • Load Balancer Outages – On Tuesday, and into Wednesday there were periodic problems with the campus load balancer that effected Bb.  These issues have been resolved.
  • Bb Support Tickets Filed – Faculty reported issues around discussion board linking, permission issues for content uploaded into Bb, and announcement availability.  These issues were investigated, replicated, and support tickets were submitted with Bb support.
  • Bb Dashboard Building Block – Szymon Machajewski wrote a Blackboard Building Block that provides dashboard data on the number of hits and activity in Bb as a tool to measure system performance.
  • DL CAP Update – The DL August 30th CAP Update was submitted to Donna Kragt. [Linked to DL CAP]
  • Bb App Server Added – An additional application server was added to Blackboard to provide better scalability. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • Peoplesoft Hybrid Course Notice – A meeting was set up with IT to provide additional note details to Hybrid courses due to some student confusion around the requirement to come to campus. [Linked to DL CAP]
  • Fall DLIT Training –  The Fall schedule was submitted and added to the Center for Teaching Excellence web site.  This includes over 20 faculty training sessions covering key aspects of Bb, basics of Bb, and also OHCC training. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP and DL CAP]
  • 351M Planning – A meeting was held with facilities and IT to finalize wiring and data needs, as well as conference phone requirements.
  • Spring Arbor University Faculty Development Call – A conference call will be held on Friday with Spring Arbor University to discuss, share, and collaborate around ideas around faculty development.

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