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July 14, 2010 / dlitgroup

DLIT Weekly Updates – July 16

Notice:  The following format is now used for updates.

  • What we’ve done What has been accomplished [link to CAP/DAP]

The following items are updates from the Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies Department for the week ending Friday, July 16th.

  • BbWorld 2010 – Szymon Machajewski and Eric Kunnen attended the national Blackboard conference.  The purpose of the participation in the conference is to share, learn, and discover best practices as well as to present on NBC Learn and Project ASTRO.  Eric Kunnen presented a panel session on Project ASTRO – Reporting Success Stories and the Next Phase and in a breakout session on Using NBC News Videos in Blackboard Learn to Enliven Instruction and Increase Student Engagement in Blackboard. Szymon Machajewski attended the conference as well from GRCC. Szymon also attended the Developers Conference and Open Source Day. Detailed notes are available on Eric’s BbWorld Conference blog and GRCC’s BbWorld page.  You can also follow the stream on Twitter using the hashtag #bbworld and view photos on Eric’s Facebook album.  Here are a few photos from the conference (Eric at the Dr. C booth, the vendor hall, the BIE steering committee meeting, and upgrade center live.)

    [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • University of Central Florida Campus Visit – Szymon Machajewski and Eric Kunnen visited UCF’s campus and their online learning department (online@ucf).  The purpose of this visit is to discover and learn from a well known leader in distance learning and reduced-seat time courses.  Here is a photo of the team we met with:

    [Linked to DL CAP]
  • Steelcase University Visit Planned – Eric Kunnen was invited to participate in visit to Steelcase University to review some new products and programs.  The purpose of this visit is to investigate how GRCC can enhance learning spaces. [Linked to Enhancing Classroom and Instructional Technologies DAP]
  • Bb 9 Upgrade Fall 2010 Go Live – The Blackboard 9 system was released to faculty through the deployment of a new “Fall 2010” tab in Blackboard.  Before this tab was made available, extensive work was accomplished to build an FAQ, and Getting Started with Bb 9 set of resources for faculty. The purpose of this Fall 2010 tab is to provide early access (an extra month) to faculty so that they can prepare for Fall. Over 25 faculty have logged into Blackboard 9 during this soft launch. Here is a screenshot of the “Getting Started in Bb 9” tab that was developed:

    [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • Learning Objects End of Life Communication – Because Blackboard 9 has built-in wikis, journals, and blogs, the college has not renewed the license for the Learning Objects Campus Pack tool.  15 faculty that are using blogs and wikis this summer have been sent an email indicating the end of life of the current features in Blackboard.  (Additional communication is planned at a later date.) As part of this email, faculty were also encouraged to take advantage of the extended avatar and grading features of the built-in blogs and wikis in the new version of Blackboard. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • YouTube Videos for Bb 9 Added – A new set of video tutorials created by William Faber, Garry Brand, and Melanie Forbes have been posted to GRCC’s YouTube site.  The purpose of these videos is to provide self-help resources to faculty.  Here is a sample video:

  • [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]


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