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July 8, 2010 / dlitgroup

DLIT Weekly Updates – July 9

The following items are updates from the Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies Department for the week ending Friday, July 9th.

  • Online Learning Webinar – Participated in a “Launching an Online Learning Program” offered through The Chronicle and Blackboard Inc. [Linked to DL CAP]
  • Blackboard 9 Server Updates – Continued to work on final preparation of the Blackboard 9 environment in preparation for Fall.  Throughout this work, the interface has been cleaned up and streamlined. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • Blackboard 8 Upgrade Tab – Completed the creation of a custom Tab in the Blackboard 8 environment as part of the communication plan to faculty around the Blackboard 9 upgrade. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • Project ASTRO – Eric had a conference call with Blackboard Inc. on the topic of Project ASTRO, the new Open Database Initiative that will be announced at BbWorld next week.  A white paper is planned to be created that highlights GRCC and Seneca College’s work to create an advanced reporting tool for Blackboard through the $25,000 Greenhouse Grant that was awarded to GRCC & Seneca College in 2007.  The call included 2 Blackboard marketing staff and Santo Nucifora from Seneca College. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • Ask Dr C at BbWorld – Eric Kunnen participated in a conference call  around the details of next week’s BbWorld conference.  The Dr C’s will have a booth at the conference.   Here is a mockup of what the booth will look like in the vendor hall: [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • ISIS Directors – Participated in a ISIS directors meeting, discussing how to best link department and college action projects into weekly updates for the unit.
  • Wimba Advisory Group – The new version of Pronto was revealed through the Wimba Advisory team conference call.  This new version of Wimba will make it much easier for students to invite other students and for faculty to invite their students.  This will help encourage adoption.  Eric Kunnen is working to coordinate the installation of a new Building Block to enable this extended functionality. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • Blackboard Acquires Wimba and Elluminate – Blackboard announced that they acquired Wimba and Elluminate.  This merger has potential to provide enhanced Pronto and Voice Tools integration moving forward.  It also helps to underscore the value of synchronous technology in teaching and learning.
  • BbWorld Preparation – Eric Kunnen met with Seneca College, Emporia State University, and University of Southern California in preparation for the panel session (Project ASTRO – Reporting Success Stories and the Next Phase) that will be held next week Wednesday in Orlando, FL. Eric will also be presenting with NBC  and in a breakout session on Using NBC News Videos in Blackboard Learn to Enliven Instruction and Increase Student Engagement in Blackboard. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • NBC Webinar Scheduled – Eric Kunnen will be presenting on July 27 with NBC (through on the topic of “How to Deliver Relevant, Engaging Multimedia Content to 21st Century Campuses“. [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP]
  • 351M Faculty Training Lab – Discussed how to best improve 351M to provide the best experience for faculty attending training sessions.  The current plan involves creating a “hybrid” computer lab/classroom that provides flexibility, but with dedicated desktop computers for efficiency and effectiveness.  [Linked to Extending Bb Learn Platform DAP and the Enhancing Classroom and Instructional Technologies DAP]

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