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June 11, 2010 / dlitgroup

DLIT Weekly Updates – June 11

The following items are updates from the Distance Learning and Instructional Technologies Department for the week ending on Friday, June 11th.

  • OHCC – Garry Brand, William Faber, Melanie Foster, and Eric Kunnen finished the OHCC training with 21 instructors that will become certified to teach online.  It was an overall impressive group in their use of a variety of new tools in Blackboard 9.1 (blogs, mashups, discussions, online tests) and a variety of resources from external websites and resources from textbooks.  Their final presentations are available here (group 1) and here (group 2).  Here are a couple of photos from the OHCC session:
  • Help Desk RFP – Pat Ingersol and Eric Kunnen participated in an RFP process to review ticketing system options for the campus.  I am interested in using a ticketing system in DLIT for faculty support requests around Blackboard.
  • On Campus Blackboard Meeting – Szymon Machajewski and Peggy Gorno met with Cyril Juanitas,
    Regional VP and Nick LaRusso, Account Executive from Blackboard and discussed the value add that Blackboard provides to GRCC.  They have interest in meeting with our new CIO and other administrative leaders as well at some point.
  • Deans Meeting Announcements – Eric Kunnen announced plans to move forward with the Blackboard 9.1 upgrade for fall and the plan to purchase NBC Learn video through the Library with special thank you to Pat Ingersol at the Deans meeting on Thursday.
  • Interview – Eric Kunnen had a phone interview with a representative from on discussing how Blackboard is a mission critical application at GRCC.  Specifically citing this presentation: “Mission Critical e-Learning: How Blackboard is Meeting the Tailored Needs of Community College Campuses”

    Mentioned in the interview was Project ASTRO, Wimba Pronto, Rave Wireless, and Starfish.  Starfish was highlighted for it’s potential to impact retention through early warning.

  • Upgrade – Blackboard 9.1 work continues, occupying up most of the time in our office.  The work captured on this upgrade is being stored on the GRCC Blackboard Upgrade page.  The next phase of our upgrade includes campus wide notifications.
  • iTunes U – Szymon Machajewski enabled the iTunes U Vanderbuilt Building Block on our Bb 9.1 test environment.  The next steps are to finalize the authentication settings and test the application.  Here is a screen shot of GRCC’s iTunes U site:

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