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May 20, 2010 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – May 20

Present: Eric Kunnen, Garry Brand, Szymon Machajewski

  • Blackboard Database Issue – Over the weekend (beginning on Friday) there was a database setting that caused faculty and students to be unable to add content to the content system.  According to Bb case notes, this was caused by a database setting/configuration.  Followup from IT has not yet been received.
  • Bb 9 Pilot – Pilot continues to go well, we have submitted a series of tickets and the majority have been escalated and are being targeted for inclusion into an upcoming service pack.  We plan to wait for the Service Pack 1 rather than apply the hotfix 1 that is available now.
  • Starfish – Eric and Szymon have a meeting with John Cowles and the Starfish team to plan out a pilot for summer.
  • Course Archives – Course archives that were stored on DVD are now copied to external hard drives.  Szymon will work on archiving W09 courses and then delete them from production.
  • Peoplesoft Gradebook Integration – Meet with David on recommendation for Web Services. No update.
  • iPhone App v2 – Desire to move forward.  Defining mobile strategy needs to happen.  Setup a mobile team with students. No update.
  • Faculty Absences – Student congress is involved and would like to work to find a solution and implement it. No update.
  • Raidercard Tab – PCI compliance is changing My Account feature.  We have not yet heard about any updates to this.
  • Relay 2.0 – A server operating system patch is planned.  This is for Windows security. We still need a backup of Relay server so we can test the upgrade.
  • Bb Issue Reported on Load Balancer – Yesterday the load balancer caused a short period of time where Bb was unavailable as a maintenance message was displayed.  This happened around 11:30.   The help desk wasn’t aware that Bb was effected.   Plan to review service level monitoring project to plan next steps. No Updates.
  • Tabs in Bb9 – Groupwise and student email tab.  What are we doing with these?  Recommendation is to reserve tabs for more than just a link to a service.  Perhaps a left panel link or sub-tab.

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