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May 13, 2010 / dlitgroup

Weekly Update – May 13

The following are updates from DLIT for Friday, may 13.

  • Finishing up our first week of the Online and Hybrid Certification Course with 26 participants. (The largest cohort ever.)
  • Created (and continuing to create) tutorial videos for Blackboard 9, including related tools (e.g. Wimba Pronto).
  • Participating in live pilot of summer classes in Blackboard 9.
  • Testing and reporting bugs on Blackboard 9.
  • Assisting walk-in faculty and replying to requests sent to
  • Assisting CTE as they transition registration and training set-up.
  • Served faculty during semester start-up session drop-in (9am-2pm).
  • Revised Blackboard Orientation Course and prepared orientation video for online students (thanks to Bill Faber and Klaas Kwant).
  • Provided Blackboard 9.1 training, including a full Introduction to Bb 9 session.
  • Added MP3 output option for Camtasia Relay.
  • Secured 2 USB hard drives to store course archives from Blackboard.
  • Discussion to eliminate Learning Objects Campus Pack Building Block for Fall 2010 as Bb 9.1 has built-in blogs and wikis.
  • Working with Library to license the NBC Learn Building Block.
  • Presented to the FYE faculty orientation on leveraging Blackboard.
  • Coordinating a campus visit by a team from Blackboard Inc. as they are interested in coming to campus to help assist us with Bb 9.1 upgrade, along with discussing Xythos Drive pilot.
  • Submitted MCCVLC Distance Learning Survey.
  • Setup the Summer Technology Institute for Faculty web site.
  • Working on setting up DL CAP team meetings.

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