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May 13, 2010 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – May 13

  • Bb Issue Reported – Yesterday the load balancer caused a short period of time where Bb was unavailable as a maintenance message was displayed.  This happened around 11:30.   The help desk wasn’t aware that Bb was effected.   Plan to review service level monitoring project to plan next steps.
  • Bb Test Server Created – Banner patch was installed, doesn’t seem to resolve the issue.
  • Delete Courses – The Winter 2009 courses can be deleted. (72 hours after the one year period).  Plan is to delete from all systems except Bb 8 test… W09 courses.
  • Bb Archives – Course archives are being stored on USB drives.  We are working to move the current DVD archives also to these drives to provide easier storage and access.
  • Bb 9 Pilot – Going well.  We have reported all tickets.
  • Relay- MP3 has been added to a couple of faculty profiles.  Reviewing how best to manage the email receipt for audio only.  We plan to investigate additional automation for podcasts and iTunes U and Blackboard Building Blocks.  Investigation of 2.0.
  • Peoplesoft Gradebook Integration – Meet with David on recommendation for Web Services.
  • Starfish – Pilot will be conducted later this summer.  Production system needs to be set up soon.  Mailwise filter is still blocking email.
  • iPhone App v2 – Desire to move forward.  Defining mobile strategy needs to happen.  Setup a mobile team with students.
  • Faculty Absences – Student congress is involved and would like to work to find a solution and implement it.

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