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May 3, 2010 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – May 6

Present:  Peggy Gorno, Szymon Machajewski, Eric Kunnen, Garret Brand


  • Maintenance Scheduled – 10:30PM — To create a new instance for Bb9 test/development.
  • Student Access Problems — The snapshot / new combined sections automation had a re-enrollment problem on Monday.  The students were there, but marked unavailable.  This was resolved on Monday.
  • Server clock was fixed today which was causing an item not available message when announcements were created.
  • Gradebook Integration with Peoplesoft
  • With Bb9 new possibilities are opened up in terms of connecting to PeopleSoft.  The Bb 9 Proxy Tools can be used to deliver final grades in a more event driven integration.
  • Our original design included a faculty member finalizing grades in Bb9 and then importing them into Peoplesoft in a two step process.  Should we reconsider using this design?  The preference of this team is to use the proxy tools and to zero in on the best workflow for faculty.  This means that you can import grades from Bb to Peoplesoft in one step.
  • Course Archives — Faculty have an obligation to maintain records for 7 years and in order to assist with that we plan to archive courses for faculty.

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