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March 25, 2010 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – March 25

Present: Eric Kunnen, Szymon Machajewski

  1. Load Balancer – The limited implementation is completed.  (The system has been taking 1/3 the load.)  Next step is to rename the redirect ( to – and the last step that still remains is to rename to  Once this is complete the load balancer will be in full production.
  2. Downtimes – Question of how we communicate downtime.  Eric suggests we can start using a blog or perhaps even twitter.  But someone is going to need to update these sources.  Szymon mentioned that we can use the ithelp desk as a source for twitter updates and blog updates and initiating the campus wide notification.  Eric also mentioned we need to more clearly identify and relay information about our biweekly downtime schedules.  Perhaps this can be included in our new look and feel for Bb 9.  These downtimes are important to properly maintain the system.  This expectation is also important to help ensure that students are aware that this is a time that the server may not be available.
  3. Bb9 Upgrade – The test system is now available at:  Work needed includes: testing all building blocks, preparing support documentation, preparing training sessions, deciding on wikis and blogs (using the built-in features vs campus pack), notifying digital drop box users as this feature is no longer available, deciding on portal module layout and graphics, deciding about what we need to do with the /courses content system directory (should we enable this), when we need the pilot server activated, should we visit departments, we should present to deans, and begin to plan a marketing and awareness plan.  We also need to involve and train our pilot faculty. Szymon updated that work continues to progress on the production pilot.  The semester for summer begins May 3.
  4. Relay Upgrade – We still need to do this.  Szymon updated that work continues to progress on  relay upgrade.
  5. Xythos Drive – Blackboard is waiting for us to sign the pilot agreement form.
  6. Summer Course Creation – We need to look at creating courses for summer on production.

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