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March 18, 2010 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – March 18

Present: Garry Brand and Eric Kunnen


  • Automation: Szymon and Bill Frikken solved the issue with students being disabled after count date.  These students are now correctly marked as unavailable in the course, thereby allowing faculty to report grades and last date of attendance as necessary.
  • XSS File Upload Error: Szymon applied a patch to the test server and then on production last Friday.  This has solved the issue.
  • Load Balancer: This is now in production at 33% of the use of the system as the load balancer is currently 1 of 3 destinations in the script that is redirecting traffic from – Next steps are to transfer the remaining load to the load balancer.
  • Bb 9.1: Syzmon has requested a new database configuration.  Bb 9 upgrade was referred to in the Deans meeting last week.
  • Course Statistics: Last access in gradebook and the performance dashboard appear to be inaccurate. We suspect this is because students are entering the course through the announcements (collection view) and following the course links. Need to communicate to faculty and submit an enhancement request as well as check 9.1 functionality in this regard.
  • Relay: Szymon fixed the email notification system as emails were not properly being received by faculty. We need to upgrade to 1.2 as soon as possible. Szymon has requested a backup of the existing system.
  • Xythos Drive Pilot: We are waiting for IT to sign the agreement.
  • Starfish Early Alert: Szymon has setup some role mapping definitions. We now need to configure additional manual flags and begin testing. Eric will set up a meeting with Szymon and John to finalize this configuration work and layout testing procedure.
  • NBC Learn: Eric, Ric, and Kate had a dinner meeting with NBC producers recently as they were in town for the MACUL conference. A budget request has been submitted.
  • miBUG and TLT Showcase: This was a great event with over 18 different institutions represented.  More than 60 were in attendance for the miBUG meeting held at the ATC on March 12.
  • DL CAP: A new college action project has been created by the college. This is one of 5 new projects.  As a result, Blackboard will be crucial in our work to grow to 25% of courses being offered online.
  • Wimba Pronto: A budget request has been submitted as our full license expires in June.
  • iTunesU: After the miBUG event, several discussions on how to better utilized GRCC’s iTunes U account.  This has not been used since 2008.  Needed is the use of the Baker and Vanderbilt Building Blocks.
  • Bb 9.1 Upgrade and Support Site: We need to build out a support site for Bb9, as well as update the bbupgrade page.

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