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February 24, 2010 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – February 25


Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen, and Szymon Machajewski in attendance.

Current Issues:

  • SSL certificate on visual text box editor. – We have a fix for this.  This patch will be applied on March 12 at 1oPM.
  • Guest Access needs to be turned off for courses… by default. – This fix will be applied on March 12 at 10PM.
  • Need to fix row status of students after count date.  They are currently marked as disabled, they need to be set to unavailable. – Szymon will followup with David Anderson on this fix for automation.

Current Project Updates:

  • Starfish Implementation – Szymon is working with the PS group on integrating counselor assignments.
  • Xythos Drive – Szymon has requested with Xythos access to the drive. A contact is being drafted.
  • Relay Upgrade – March 12th is the scheduled date.
  • Relay Building Block – Working with Techsmith to enhance the Building Block for embedding video into the course content areas with researching possible WebDAV deployment in version 1.2 to the Bb CS.  Goal 1 – autopublishing to Blackboard content, Goal 2 – embedding video through action bar picker.
  • Load Balancer – Waiting for server access.
  • iPhone App – Great press received, very positive feedback, we have received constructive feedback for improvement.  Time is needed to work on these improvements.  This work connects to the college’s Mobile Learning Initiative and the Distance Learning College Action Project.
  • Gradebook Final Grades Building Block – We are waiting for Bb 9 for this project.

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