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February 11, 2010 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – February 11

Present: No Face to Face Meeting this Week

Primary work:

  1. Blackboard 9
  2. Starfish Deployment
  3. Relay Upgrade
  4. Xythos Drive

Need updates on:

  1. Load Balancer
  2. Gradebook Integration

Agenda Topics:

  1. Server Restarts at 4AM – Do we still need to do this? Discussion on this topic. We plan to ask Blackboard about this as a best practice – Szymon will file a ticket. Eric will post a question on the listerv.
  2. Automation – Student drop after count date this is currently not working as a result of the combined section work.  William Frikken and Peggy Gorno will be included in an email to solve this situation.
  3. Automation – Removing instructor assignments upon schedule changes.  Same as above.
  4. Relay Server Upgrade – Risks, we don’t have a test system, therefore the upgrade may break.  If we had a development system than the risk would be smaller – we have customizations that come into play.  Can we back up Relay before the upgrade to ensure we can revert back?  We will ask for a backup of Relay and so that we can quickly restore it if necessary.  Peggy Gorno and Donovan Wallace will be asked.  We also need a development system, this will also be asked.
  5. Bb9 – Still working on refresh process. Work will ensue tomorrow.
  6. Starfish – Same as above.
  7. Automation – Tutorial labs and orientation sites and department organization sites.  Eric will send Szymon a list.
  8. Faculty Support System – We need a system to support working with faculty how to questions submitted through email.

Top Projects through June:
1. Starfish
2. Bb 9
3. Relay Upgrade and Microphone Deployment
4. WebDAV Client for Bb Content System
5. NBC pilot
6. WebEx and Wimba Classroom Pilot
7. Faculty Absences and Communication System
8. Bb Grade to Peoplesoft
9. Mobile Learning, iPhone app development, and Facebook integration
10. Enhancing Bb Automation


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