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January 28, 2010 / dlitgroup

Blackoard Team Meeting – January 28

Meeting via Email Updates


1. Project Updates
2. Current Issues
3. Planning for Upgrades
4. Development and Customizations

1. Project Updates:

  1. Load Balancer
    We need to finalize testing and place into production.
  2. Starfish
    A website was created and Eric Kunnen presented at the ELI conference.  The next step is to install Building Block after the test server is ready with a current copy of production. Jesse Fuzi is working on this.
  3. Bb9 Upgrade
    After a copy of production is ready, Szymon will install on the pilot server.  We will then begin testing and faculty evaluation.
  4. Bb Automation
    There are still some issues and enhancements with automation.  Eric and Szymon will review and plan for enhancements in the future.  This includes Organizations, Combined Section Course Naming, etc.  An example is a request from Jeff Stone to enroll the following courses into: ADVMATH.TUTORLAB Can you make sure that anyone registered in a class with a CM, PH, and MA.
  5. Course Archives
    The need is to maintain a number of semester exports.  Space for this is in the works.
  6. NBC Pilot
    Ongoing… many faculty using the video content this semester. A meeting for updates is scheduled with NBC on Feb 19.
  7. WebDAV Pilot with BbCS
    Still awaiting reply from Xythos/Bb.

2. Current Issues:

  1. High Priority: Bb Courses Guest Access Issue
    Currently the default for courses is with Guest Access set to Available.  This is incorrect and not working as intended.  A fix needs to be identified.
  2. High Priority: Camtasia Relay 1.2.1 Server Upgrade Needed
    A server upgrade is needed for Windows7 users and the MacBook Pro Pilot (The version 1.1.1 recorder isn’t supported and doesn’t work with Snow Leopard. )
  3. Low Priority: CourseFeed App Not Working
    The CourseFeed Facebook Application is not currently working.  We had a conference call with CourseFeed and they would like to have another call to discuss how to fix and/or turn over Building Block to us.

3. Planning for Upgrades

See above Project Updates section.

4. Development and Customizations

A. iPhone App – Szymon an early version which includes location services, access to Bb, faculty absences, and youtube access.

B. Faculty Absences – A direct request from the Provost Office has been made to target the Faculty Absence process, both on the faculty reporting end, as well as a Student Congress request for text messaging as an opt-in method to receive notifications.  Szymon has created a proposal and the next step is to move it forward.  This involves a Building Block being created.  A meeting has been set with the Provost Office an Instructional Support Deans Office for better workflow and automation on faculty reporting their absences.

C. Discussion Forums & Announcements to public RSS/HTML – is now live and being used by Student Employment Services.

D. Additional Projects – Defined in:


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