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December 10, 2009 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – December 10

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Attendees: Szymon Machajewski, Garry Brand, Eric Kunnen


1. Project Updates
2. Current Issues
3. Planning for Upgrades
4. Development and Customizations


1. Project Updates:

A.  December 7th  Course Creation – December 7th Course Creation Courses were created with the exception of combined lab sections. Still waiting on the combined lab sections.

B. December 7th Course Deletion – The following semester based courses have been deleted: Fall 2007, Summer 2007, Winter 2008, Summer 2008  (Bb policies are located at  Discussion on how long do we (should we) keep courses.   The desire is to maintain a number of semester exports.  Szymon will make a request to for storage to maintain a file system for course exports.

C.  NBC Video Content Pilot –  Awaiting reply.

D. Xythos WebDAV Client Pilot – Awaiting reply.

E. Blackboard 9 Upgrade will be updated to reflect an identified target date of Fall 2010 for Bb 9 and also indicate rationale.

1. Refresh test and pilot databases on the bbdb1 (test) system.
2. Upgrade the test-pilot system and keep the regular test system version 8.
3. Upgrade the production-pilot system

This should not require new hardware for databases.
The issue is with application servers.  We have total of two test application servers.  We could use on for the test v.8 system and test-pilot v.9.  This means that we will be missing the production-pilot application server.  I expect that this need would arise sometime in March.  This application server for the production-pilot system should have at least 5GB memory.

We have also gathered 37 faculty that are willing to test and evaluate Bb 9.

Several upgrade strategies were also discussed.

F. Bb Snapshot Automation Enhancements –In progress.

G. Starfish Deployment – In progress.

2. Current Issues

A. Security Update/Patch Required for Campus Pack LX Building Block

Szymon completed a change request.  Test system will be applied first.

3. Planning for Upgrades

See above for the Bb 9 upgrade plans.

4. Development and Customizations

A. Faculty Absences – A direct request from the Provost Office has been made to target the Faculty Absence process, both on the faculty reporting end, as well as a Student Congress request for text messaging as an opt-in method to receive notifications.  Szymon will create a recommendation.

B. Discussion Forums & Announcements to public RSS/HTML – is in development and a beta is being tested.

C. Additional Projects – Defined in:


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