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November 19, 2009 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – Nov. 19


Szymon and Garry met. Eric was at VLC meeting at MCCA in Lansing. Peggy was unable to attend, but had delegated/talked with Szymon beforehand.

Issues and Projects Addressed

1. New Building Blocks for the GO list:

Discussion Forums & Announcements to public RSS/HTML

The Student Services office requested a solution for access to job postings which are created as discussion forums in Blackboard.  Also Communications department requested that some Blackboard announcements have a public interface.
A building block can be created by the DLIT office to allow a course or organization owner to make data public through RSS/HTML or other interfaces.

This was discussed with Blackboard in terms of licenses and the consensus was that it would not affect licensing.
The building block will be created by Szymon as time permits between larger ongoing projects and put in development.  Once tested and reviewed the DLIT office will discuss production implementation with stakeholders.

2. Development work – the process

How we write building blocks for development, and seek approval to put them in production.

Following on the previous discussion point, we need to review many building blocks from other schools in our development system.  We have a process documented for doing so.

Also, the DLIT office will create and implement a number of customization in the development system, including building blocks written by Szymon, and present the functionality for production discussion/approval.

3. Continuity 2000 Integration – update

Work is underway to integrate the systems.  Szymon is working with Michelle Smith.  A proposal was submitted and approved by the Training Solutions office (attached).

4. Friday change to snapshot process – student availability

Change is ready to go.  Change notification will be generated soon for production implementation. Eric has already sent out a communication to stakeholders.

4. Weekend Blackboard issues and troubleshooting

Work is in progress to enable alert notifications in OEM and to change the maintenance window for the weekend.  Jesse, Donovan, Peggy, and Szymon are collaborating on the effort.

5. Bb 9 and statistics tracking (on the big screen)

A set of monitoring tools was developed in-house to monitor Blackboard.  These can be accessed here:

Response time, the number of users, diskspace, and other elements are being monitored.  The system is now sending alerts when a sharp change in user count occurs or the response time is much faster than expected.

Other dashboard systems are also in production for the BBTS system: parking patterns for students, staff, and total.  This may be used for detecting large absence patterns for flu issues.

6. Instructional Technologies Prioritization – Blackboard

DLIT office has been working on a list of projects to be approved.  Once the projects are approved they can be prioritized into Level 1 – resource intensive, important, high accountability, Level 2 – do as you can in wait time for large project tasks.

7. Project List Updated


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