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November 12, 2009 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – Nov. 12


Szymon and Garry met. Eric was at Blackboard HQ in Washington DC.

Issues and Projects Addressed

  1. Re-enroll of Dropped Students
    • Students who are dropped are maintained in the course to prevent removal of grades. Their access is just restricted. Currently, it’s a manual process to re-enroll them. An e-mail goes out to faculty (although it didn’t in one case) with instructions on how to enable their access.
    • Manual process causes frustration for faculty and students. Szymon to investigate process for automating re-enroll.
    • Will need to communicate to support that faculty may make courses available/unavailable, but they may not know about this manual process for re-enrollment.
  2. Automation to Support Weekend and Accelerated Courses
    • Automation runs every two hours. If Szymon is given a unique identifier and a specific time, he can run an automation in a faster cycle (e.g. every 15 minutes)
    • Recommend that Weekend and Accelerated Team give him dates and times they want process to run (i.e. they will need to plan for some space between enrollment and NSO/Bb Orientation.
    • Bb orientation team can use My Courses Plus to manually add students missed.
  3. Downtime on Weekends
    • IT investigating “bind peeking” and DB optimization/upgrade issues.
    • Meeting later today.
    • Mentioned at Dean’s Council.
  4. Problems With Respondus and SafeAssign
    • Some software and Building Blocks point to old servers (e.g. ilearnappO).
    • Szymon will point old links to new hardware.
  5. Misc Concerns
    • Szymon started up instructor station in 220 ATC last night. Started Firefox, and it showed another instructor still logged into Bb. He had instructor access to courses.  Suspect it’s a setting on that computer/room. Szymon will submit ticket.
    • Szymon also gets a blank frame sometimes after login. Will investigate.

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