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October 9, 2009 / dlitgroup

Blackboard Team Meeting – Sept. 24

Meeting Minutes:

Opening Discussion:
– Recommend every week, rather than once a month. Eric will send out appointments.
– Open invitation to attend to others.
– Open invitation for others to suggest topics.
– Team will invite others as projects are defined. For example, a new implementation project for Blackboard 9.1.
– This is a working team.
– A website will be created to support this work. Suggestion: with link to the Bb projects database with the agenda filter and priority and action items with tie’s to CAP and department action plans and reports from ASTRO and other.
– Stakeholder communication channels: Peggy Gorno (Team Lead Academic Applications), Bill Ouchark (VP of IT), Darcy Swope (Team Lead Help Desk), Donovan B. Wallace (Team Lead Infrastructure), David Anderson (Team Lead Administrative Computing), Ric Underhile (Associate Dean of ISIS).
– There seems to be a need for an Instructional Technology Leadership Team.

1. Current Issues
– VTBE File Upload Patch will be applied this Friday. A change request has been submitted.
– Firefox Browser reported issues with 3.5.3.
– Rave Wireless reported issues with 3.5.3.

2. Project Updates
– NBC Learn Pilot is underway.
– Bb Content System has been installed and made available to students and faculty.
– Needed are tip sheets for Bb CS, including portfolios.

3. Planning for Upgrades
– will be the destination for Bb 9.1.

4. Development and Customizations
– Photo roster enhancements have been requested by several areas, including the Deans.
– Snapshot enhancements are needed for Continuity integration, Department organization sites, and tutorial labs.
– Dashboard and reporting data on usage of not only Bb, but Relay, etc.

Standing Tentative Agenda

1. Project Updates
2. Current Issues
3. Planning for Upgrades
4. Development and Customizations

*Additional Staff Invited as Projects Require


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